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Quality Assurance Program


FEDITC’s CMMI Level III compliant Quality Assurance Program will plan, implement, assess and control the effectiveness of its quality assurance and quality control operations. The purpose of this plan is to establish the goals, processes, and responsibilities required to implement effective quality management functions for our Seaport-e customer(s). Quality Management (QM) identifies concepts and specific activities to ensure that product development and service support activities are accomplished in accordance with approved methodology, supports approved standards and procedures, and the products and services produced which conform to client and project requirements.


FEDITC’s Quality Assurance Program applies to all contract efforts through all applicable contract life cycle phases. This plan is intended for use by all FEDITC personnel as relevant to their responsibilities. Quality management requires the project to identify quality activities for its currently planned work phase and related releases. Quality management for a project is planned concurrent with other project tasks and initiatives and share responsibility for its implementation. FEDITC project management and the Quality Management Office (QMO) are accountable for quality and the actions that guarantee adherence to applicable policies. Quality management includes obtaining the commitment of the organization, resources, and ensuring quality objectives and processes are used and supported effectively.

CMMI Quality Management Processes

The CMMI consists of a collection of four Process Area Categories: Process, Project Management, Engineering and Support. Each category is broken down into process areas. Each process area deals with some aspect of technology development or management. The CMMI framework operating capability extends to program tailoring, lessons learned, and compliance reviews for development programs related to the verification process or work products. FEDITC’s Quality Assurance Program is an evolving set of processes updated periodically to address FEDITC’s administration and maintenance of its process program.

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Customer Satisfaction Andy Allan 210-610-3896