Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

FEDITC’s mobile development lab has been at the forefront of successfully deploying mobile technology services and solutions that are both innovative and compliant with today’s standards. FEDITC’s mobile solution development teams are deployed across the United States and currently developing mobile solutions for many of our Department of Defense customers.

Get the most out of your people and your website by grasping the power of mobile applications

For today’s workforce, mobility is everything. In order for your organization to be successful, your people and your customers need instant and secure access to valuable data, resources, and tools—anytime, anywhere. By developing mobile applications, you can put the power exactly where it needs to be—directly in the hands of your employees and customers.

It’s time to go mobile.

At FEDITC, we understand that every organization has different needs, and that those needs are changing all of the time. That’s why our Mobile Development Lab specializes in developing all types of mobile applications—including native, web-based, and hybrid—allowing you to get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Furthermore, FEDITC’s advanced suite of mobile components and services provide our customers with a customizable turnkey solution capable of targeting more than 98% of Internet-ready mobile devices—an accomplishment that cannot be understated in today’s fragmented mobile marketplace.

To demonstrate some of our capabilities, we used innovative techniques to create the adaptive website that you are on right now. Adaptive websites, which are web-based applications, can automatically modify the presentation of online content to meet the unique demands of users using tablets, mobile devices, and traditional PCs and laptops. This solution utilizes that latest coding and design techniques to provide an affordable and easily maintainable solution.

Award-winning mobile apps

With HD displays, 4G capabilities, and powerful processors, it’s really no surprise that 60% of cellphone owners now use their phones to get online. Consequently, building and maintaining a mobile web application for your organization is no longer an option—it is a necessity.

FEDITC’s Mobile Development Lab has been at the forefront of successfully deploying mobile technology services and solutions that are both innovative and compliant with today’s standards. In fact, FEDITC’s diverse catalogue of stylish and intuitive mobile applications have earned us recognition from the W3 Awards for excellence in web creativity multiple years in a row, ensuring that your mobile app will meet the highest standards for quality and performance. Our Mobile Solution Development Teams are currently deployed across the United States developing mobile solutions for many of our Department of Defense customers. Let us do the same for your organization.

Mobile Device Management

Establishing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy is essential for protecting networks and ensuring that connected devices remain uncompromised and properly configured for data transmission. In addition, an MDM policy will allow your organization to enforce networked-device policies, monitor device usage, deploy enterprise applications, and wipe data from compromised devices. FEDITC has participated in several MDM pilot programs and demoed some of the leading MDM providers’ software, including AirWatch, Fixmo, and Good Technologies. This real world experience makes FEDITC a perfect fit for implementing public/private MDM solutions.

Mobile Policies

At FEDITC, we believe that organizations thrive when they allow their staff to keep in touch with the latest technology, including mobile devices. However, because of security risks that are inherent with mobile devices, it is understandable that many organizations have shied away from letting their staff use anything other than Government Provided Devices. Unfortunately, Government Provided Device policies not only require huge financial investments from the organization, they also result in the prolonged use of outdated technologies, as most organizations are simply unable to keep up with rapid release of more sophisticated and powerful mobile devices.

FEDITC has the expertise needed to help even the largest organizations safely and confidently transition from Government Provided Device policies to ones that encourage personnel to use their own devices. FEDITC has developed Bring Your Own Device policies to be utilized within MDM initiatives. These policies cover a variety of use case scenarios offering our partners across the Department of Defense the security requirements necessary when rolling out mobile initiatives.