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FEDITC brings rapid software development to our customers, modernizing outdated applications or creating new solutions tailored to the end user's specific needs. Our teams are trained in Agile methodologies, specifically SAFe for Government, to bring modern design, continuous improvement, and a Lean-Agile mindset while ensuring the security and integrity of our nation's critical data.

Mission Application Development
Our teams build web-based applications suited to the mission demands of our customers. Our approach provides a modern and secure product with rapid and on-demand delivery.
Mobile Application Development
Our mobile specialists create and deliver mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as Windows 10, suited for the mobile user. We deliver via multiple channels, including both commercial and Government Application stores.
Our teams create continuous delivery pipelines via open source stacks with automated orchestration to include security and usability testing, with a shift-left mentality to decrease the deployment time.
Test and Evaluation
We provide independent lifecycle testing to ensure functionality, code quality and performance thresholds are met for Enterprise applications.